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Ground Improvement

Jet grouting, reinforced soil, soil mixing, compaction and geotextiles

  • 96 hr
  • Pan India and Overseas

Service Description

Ground improvement techniques are used when the behaviour of the fill mass and/or the underlying soil does not meet required design criteria. Various techniques are available for ground improvement, each with advantages and disadvantages. Selection of the appropriate technique is based on the site specific conditions and the project’s needs. Methods can be distinguished in several ways by: - techniques that can be applied from the ground surface; - those that are carried out from a certain depth below the ground surface; - the nature of the material that can be treated such as cohesive or granular materials; - behaviour of the ground needing improvement; and - the use of admixtures. The specific techniques that can be utilised for ground improvement are: - preloading or surcharging with sand, either with or without vertical drains; - various compaction techniques including vibratory methods, - soil removal and replacement, stone columns, and geotextile encased sand columns; and - in-situ admixtures like lime, cement and fly ash. Ground improvement can play a crucial role in ensuring that the soil and subsoil of a project are safe and secure for the ultimate construction purposes of the reclamation site.

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A-435 Logix Technova, Block A, Sector 132, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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