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Geotech Investigation

Drilling in soil and rock to get soil profile & safe bearing capacity

  • 96 hr
  • Pan India and Overseas

Service Description

Geotechnical evaluations study the physical properties of soil and rock to identify potential construction problems and evaluate distress to earthworks and structures caused by weakness or failure of subsurface materials; such data is necessary to have before creating foundation designs and other structural plans Geotechnical evaluations usually consist of multiple components. First, a geotechnical engineer or engineering geologist performs a surface evaluation, which may include a site walk, reviewing maps and aerial photographs, or geophysical surveys. The second phase involves soil sampling, typically by using a drill rig to conduct test borings that provide valuable data related to soil properties and stratigraphy. During test borings, samples are often collected for further laboratory testing; the geotechnical engineer uses the results of such tests to evaluate for site suitability and final design recommendations. TDC provides a comprehensive mix of Geotechnical Engineering services throughout all phases of feasibility/planning, design development, construction and post-construction. With TDC, you will have access to a diverse group of geotechnical engineers, accredited professionals, materials engineers, and certified engineering technicians.

Contact Details


A-435 Logix Technova, Block A, Sector 132, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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